A Message from the Chairman

The Valais economy is in good shape; it is healthy, diversified and dynamic!

The economic growth of Valais is achieved through small and medium-sized companies, which is why we must maintain and support them. In this sense, it is essential to promote entrepreneurial spirit in our canton.

Providing resources and putting in place the framework conditions is the role of Business Valais, which brings together all those involved in the development of the Valais economy, both public and private, around the Department of economy and education.

Business Valais has made the customer its focus by putting the service before the service provider that offers it: encouragement and help with development, fast, precise and effective support. Business Valais is committed to this on a daily basis, in the firm belief that this service actively contributes to making Valais a land of opportunity.


Christophe Darbellay

Cantonal Councillor
Head of the Department of economy and education

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