Create own business

You would like to create your own business ?
You would like to try the adventure of entrepreneurship ?

The canton of Valais provides convenient, practical tools to support entrepreneurship and company creation by offering, amongst other things:

  • Practical coaching services (business plan, company creation, labour law, shareholders' agreement, etc.)
  • Provision of land or premises (such as technology parks);
  • Seed money;
  • Links with venture capital;
  • Provision of specialised services (patent filing, legal advice, etc.);
  • Assistance with obtaining finance;
  • Networking and networking promotion events;

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Business Valais
Maison de Courten
Place St-Théodule
P.O. Box 478
CH - 1951 Sion
Tel. +41 (0)27 606 73 90

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